Friendship Children's Parties

Monthly fun times throughout the school year for children with disabilities and their families. Come join our helper friends on Saturday mornings for play centers, a Bible story, puppets, dance team, snacks, crafts, and so much more!

“What a wonderful opportunity for our children with special needs.”

“Linda and I took part as monthly volunteers in the events for children with disabilities at Zanesville C&MA in 2006. We experienced first-hand the incredible value of this outreach to parents, siblings, and the kids themselves. We were able to express compassion and see the joy on the face of a responsive child bound in a wheelchair. What better way to demonstrate Christ’s love and authenticate the message of the Gospel than in tangible ministry to those families who struggle daily with limitations and special needs. They are all around us, and responsive, if churches will stop, look, open up, and love them.”
- Don Wiggins, North Central C&MA District Superintendent